Hire Me as a Colorist

In short

Forms: commercial, music, short film (10 minutes max.)
Rate: 125 Euro (including VAT) / Weekend
Communication: Email, Discord
From client: ProRes 4K (preferably) single file, Preconformed EDL optional, delivery specs requirements, camera specs, reference images optional
Delivery: link to cloud storage with versions and final

Availability (last updated: August 7)


August 21+22
August 28+29
All September weekends

Reserved / Expecting a project

August 14+15

Not Available

August 7+8


Why are you available mainly on weekends?
While working towards a portfolio, I have a dayjob during the week, nothing related to color or film … but it pays the bills.

Why is your rate per weekend?
It is my preference to have at least one night of rest between two sessions, refreshing the eyes so I can properly judge the grade again the next day

Is it possible to have a remote live session?
My setup does not facilitate remote (nor in-person) live sessions.

How and when do I pay you?
To avoid not getting paid after committing to your project (including reserving the dates), I require 75 Euro upfront. After the last approved version or at the end of the weekend, the other 50 Euro is required to have the final (without watermark) delivered.

What if I want additional revisions?
Depending on availability, you are welcome to book extra weekends.